Management Portals for Xero

Integrate your Xero data with your management information, CRM and business systems.

In private beta.

Works with Xero

Our platform is built on Xero to give you external portals for your accounts, projects and contracts, without entering any additional information.

1-click dashboard

Sign up using your Xero account to access your dashboard. We show you your key business vitals all in one place.

Virtual CFO Emails

Activate our Virtual CFO emails to get weekly breakdowns of your cash in, out, creditors and debtors. Add your board, investors and other important stakeholders to the circulation list.

Lightweight CRM

Our lightweight CRM builds upon your Xero data, bridging the gap between projects and contacts.

Suitable for Construction

Track your retentions, let your suppliers and sub-contractors make payment applications and upload their invoices, and automatically deduct the correct CIS.

Manage your payment cycle

Manage payment applications (upstream and downstream) and issue automated, clean payment notices.

Track your retentions

Keep a tally of your retentions, ready for invoicing at the correct time.

Sub-Contractor / Supplier Portals

Issue contracts, manage payment applications and allow suppliers and sub-contractors to upload their invoices (with automated CIS handling).

Tools for Business Owners

Let Xero handle your accounts reporting, we'll support you in running your business.

Credit Scoring & Due Diligence

We provide information directly from Companies House on all of your suppliers/contacts, and you can order 1-click credit scoring reports on any key accounts.

Invoice Insurance - coming soon

We're finalising our invoice insurance so you can insure your accounts receivable on an invoice-by-invoice basis, on our platform, to give you some cashflow comfort when you need it.

Business Alerts

We alert you when you receive large payments, when your counterparties file new company accounts, or if any of your major debtors get CCJ's.

Project-Level Accounting

FFIDES supports project-level accounting, activating your Tracking Codes automatically in Xero and showing you live project analytics.

No Duplication

As your book-keepers code your invoices in Xero, the information shows live in FFIDES. No additional steps are required.

Client Portals

Operating on an open-book basis? Let your clients view the invoices, costs and overheads of their projects automatically through your portal.

Time Recording (coming soon)

Track your overhead cost on projects, below the Xero Net Profit line, so you can get a true picture of your project profitability.

Credit, Controlled.

Automate your credit control, invoice chasing and accept credit card payments through a branded portal.

Automated Invoice Reminders

Automate your invoice chasing, with clean, helpful emails to prompt payment from your clients.

Accept Payment by Card

Cash getting tight? Enable credit-card payments on an invoice-by-invoice basis, generate emails to invite payment and sit back.

Sell Maintenance / Subscription Contracts

Sign your clients up for recurring subscriptions and maintenance contracts from directly within their client portal.

More Great Features

We're adding to FFIDES all the time.

Tracking Categories

Set up your project tracking categories with one click.

Management Accounts

On-the-go management accounting by coding your invoices and bills to specific calendar months.

Unlimited Users

We don't believe in per-seat pricing - indeed, the whole point of FFIDES is to reduce the number of people required to run your accounts.

Something Missing?

We operate a public roadmap and would love to hear from you!